Duvet covers now available on society6.

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Debbie Harry photographed by Jimmy DeSana, 1977 (via)

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You had a good run, 4S. #5thavebrokemyphone

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just a few hours ago we had to put down C’s cat, Jerry. he was 12, he was beautiful and I’m so heart broken.

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the fucking irony

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I’m sick my whole body and throat hurts and C’s cat is super sick like maybe dying and I didn’t sleep well and I can’t call out of my eight hour shift because capitalism favors corporations over humans

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one of the worst things in this world is that rihanna’s ‘birthday cake’ is only a minute and twenty one seconds long

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wow I just love women so fucking much

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my new thing is to just be angry about hot girls. not just distracted and lustful but ANGRY

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………has this been done before

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I hate the feeling of a customer hesitating to tell me she’s dating a woman because she thinks I’m straight

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